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Add a sparkle to your look!

Earrings are a must-have essential. We offer an array of charms, chains, threads, hooks, and more to ensure that you can express yourself the way you want. Sustainably Handmade. Whether you’re looking for gifts for someone you love or want something new for yourself, we have something for everyone in our collection.

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Sustainably Made-to-Order

Our production strategy, Made to Order, ensures that our customers always receive the highest quality of handcrafted jewellery. This starts once we’ve received an order from our customers. 

Please allow up to 2-7 business days for your order to be made and processed.

As part of our commitment to being more environmentally friendly and reduce waste, we ensure meticulous attention is paid to each and every detail of the production process. When you choose to buy handmade pieces over mass-produced jewellery, you make a positive choice for not only yourself but also the planet. We combine different elements like pre-made chains, charms and other components to create a one-of-a-kind bracelets, earrings or necklace.

Is sterling silver good for earrings?

The answer is yes! Sterling silver is a great option for earrings because it is durable, hypoallergenic, and incredibly shiny. Sterling silver won’t rust or corrode, so your earrings will keep their sparkle for years to come. It also won’t irritate sensitive skin, so it’s a great option for those who struggle with allergies to other metals. With sterling silver earrings, you’ll always look beautiful, no matter the occasion.

What is the best quality earrings?

The best quality earrings are those that are crafted with attention to detail and made from quality materials like sterling silver. The settings should be sturdy and durable to ensure a long lasting pair of earrings. Lastly, the earrings should feature an attractive design that can easily coordinate with any wardrobe.

How do I care for my silver earrings?

Taking proper care of your silver earrings is key to ensure they remain beautiful and shining. To start, keep them away from anything that can cause them to tarnish such as sweat and harsh chemicals. Regularly clean them using a jewelry cloth, but do not use any harsh cleaning products or ultrasonic cleaners. Silver earrings can also be wiped down with a solution made of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water, followed by a gentle dry. Lastly, keep your earrings safe by storing them separately in a lined box or pouch to avoid any scratches or scuffs. With these tips in mind, your silver earrings should remain sparkly and in great condition.

Can I stack earrings?

Yes, you can definitely stack earrings! There's a great way to add a unique touch to your style - by layering a variety of earrings. Mix up some big statement earrings with delicate studs to create a trendy and eclectic look. Whether you like bold, brightly-coloured earrings or prefer classic silver designs, there are endless possibilities for layering and stacking earrings to create a look that's truly your own. So, have fun experimenting and create some stylish new looks with your favourite earrings.

Are your earrings unisex?

Yes, our earrings are unisex! Our pieces have a universal, timeless aesthetic that appeals to everyone, regardless of gender. We design our earrings to bring joy and beauty to the lives of everyone who wears them. We believe that everyone should be able to access and wear beautiful, handcrafted pieces, and we strive to make that possible through our unisex jewellery.

Each piece has a special shine and glow to it, making these earrings something special to wear. Whether you're looking for a gift or something special to accessorise yourself with, these handmade earrings are sure to turn heads and will surely elevate your style. Crafted with high-quality sterling silver, these earrings will remain as brilliant as ever for years to come.