Climate Consciousness:

Our aim is to ensure our products not only make a statement, but that the way they are produced, packaged and delivered reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. With every delivery shipped using eco-friendly packaging, and using recycled boxes and papers where possible, we are continually working to ensure all our products are created with the environment in mind.

At Oskye Jewellery, we have made it our mission to source only ethical materials and craft the most beautiful pieces with sustainable production practices. From the highest quality recycled .925 silver jewellery to ethically sourced gemstones, we are dedicated to ensuring our production methods do not compromise on environmental or ethical standards. With climate consciousness at the core of all we do, we continue to focus on creating luxury jewellery with the planet in mind.

We are dedicated to constantly find new ways to become more sustainable in our daily business operations, from the way we interact with our customers to the way we manage our waste and production methods. We believe that taking a conscious and intentional step towards improving our environmental footprint will benefit the environment as well as our company. In addition, it’s a matter of investing in our future, and making sure we are responsible and proactive citizens. We understand that protecting the environment isn't an issue that can be taken lightly, and by taking our sustainability seriously we hope to create a more positive future.

All excess materials that are made during manufacturing are collected and used to create something entirely new and innovative. We do not throw away any precious materials; everything gets a second chance in our world. We even give damaged/second hand chain or jewellery components a second life as findings and bases for newer designs. All the findings used for creating new designs are chosen to be of premium quality, yet also make use of old, broken jewellery pieces which have been otherwise discarded by others. We take every possible opportunity to extend the life of something by giving it a second life.

Finally, the products used in our jewellery pieces and office operations are non-toxic, biodegradable and made from environmentally-friendly, recycled materials. The adhesives used for packaging, and other components, are of water-soluble quality. In other words, we follow sustainable practices that put the environment first and do our best to limit the amount of materials used and its potential negative effects on the environment.

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